Fondation Vasarely – Aix en Provence

Simon Grand hat uns poppige optische Effekte von Victor Vasarely aus Südfrankreich mitgebracht:

As an experience the Fondation Vasarely is all-embracing. The building provides the perfect setting in which to appreciate the work of one of the protagonists of the 1960’s ‘op-art’ movement.

“When internationally acclaimed artist Victor Vasarely imagined the “Cité polychrome du Bonheur” (“Polychromatic City of Happiness”), he imagined a centre that would bring together urban planners, architects and artists. In 1966, Vasarely established a Foundation to promote his ideas of “art for all” and of the “city of tomorrow”, a city in which art harmoniously blends with architecture. “Our existence is driven by two major forces: renewal and preservation. While the world advances from the past into the future, as individuals, we travel from the future into the past … this is our tragedy.”

Fondation Vasarely

Zitate: Fondation Vasarely
Photos: Simon Grand