Auto Retro Barcelona 2009_Aufbau

Uuups, schon wieder ein Jahr rum und schon wieder Auto Retro in Barcelona. Ich habe gestern schonmal beim Aufbauen geschaut und gesehen, wie die Schaetzchen auf Trucks oder eigener Achse angerollt kamen. Eine Sonderausstellung zu 50 Jahre Mini gibts auch. Ich werde heute nochmal hingehen und meinen Weihnachtswunschzettel komplettieren. ZB mit einem Ferrari Testarossa, dem Traumwagen meiner Jugend. Inzwischen schon ein Oldtimer. Wie die Zeit vergeht… Auto Retro 2008 Auto Retro 2007





5 thoughts on “Auto Retro Barcelona 2009_Aufbau

  1. Great shots Markus (as usual). Read about the event yesterday and wondered whether you’ld cover it. That was quick !
    Our ways separate however at the Testarossa I’m afraid – never liked that car with its ‘American’ grilles all over (guess it’s a generation thing; my dream car was the clean-chiseled wedge shaped 512 BB, its predecessor). No offense!

    That is – until this shot you took… Absolutely magnificent! Brilliant play between warm/cold colors and depth of focus. Excellent!

  2. Hi Geert.
    I went yesterday again and took some more fotos. But actually there is not so much more than what I already put up. Just the plastic foil got removed from the carpet.
    If you like I put them up I you can use them.
    And: I also like the 512….

  3. Hi Markus, no worries, no hurry – who am I to comment in the first place on your fantastic work? I should be a bit more humble really :)
    Of course it was a bit of pulling your leg, my remark on the Testarossa, and thank God everyone is entitled to his/her own taste – which may include totally contradicting things for 1001 different and sometimes illogical reasons. (I give you that the TR has a lot of character and immense road presence (esp from the back which seems 3m wide); I’ll never forget how in the early 80′s when cycling back home from college, I was overtaken by a black one. (Great color for that car!). It came from Mars and totally blew me away.

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