Kuenstler aus den verschiedensten Bereichen stellen ab dem 2. Dezember ihre Arbeiten anlaesslich des 9. “International Festival Of Contemporary Art” im CCCB in Barcelona aus. Zum Thema “réveille-toi” sollten Ueberlegungen zur Dimension des Phenomens von Konsum, Mode und Oeffentlichkeit und deren Konsequenzen fuer die Gesellschaft angestellt werden. Grosse Freude meinerseits, da ich mit meiner Arbeit “Numeric Beauty” auch vertreten bin.

“The mass media impose standards which are almost impossible to attain: perfect, handsome and famous celebrities. This success is presented to us as the only way of life and to obtain that happiness under preservative and strict patterns of conduct: to be the best ones without mattering how. The era of the image creates and stimulates to its potential consumers, inviting them to define themselves from characteristic urban groups or, rather, through determined commercial proposals.
To what extent does superficiality become the condition? To what extent can it enslave us?

For the consumption system, it is imperative to continue to establish identifiable molds; that they end up creating the “ideal” archetypes of the urban society. The subliminal messages keep only for what it does not mean to say with clarity and the global communication brings us uniformity, annulling the differences between individuals.
Society leads us to the false belief that success and extreme consumption are essential in life to achieve true happiness.
The festival will center its focus on this theme, thus defending, an art of daily consequences, integrated with life of utilitarian form and with the social role of the new artist, who without a doubt, performs a determining role of presenting a new way to view the world.” (Text BAC!)