Wir haben Post aus Belgien bekommen und möchten euch das tolle Buch WAFT, von welchem nun ein zweiter Band erschienen ist, vorstellen:

Waft: A book about cars in culture and culture in cars

Photographer Lies de Mol and journalist Bart Lenaerts proudly present their new book: WAFT2.
This successor to WAFT1 is also filled to the brim with stories about cars, car culture and fascinating people from the car world – all brought to life with the typical WAFT signature. WAFT2 tells how top car designer Luc Donckerwolke, dressed as a toreador, fights a Gallardo on a beach close to Barcelona, how we yodelled our way through Lederhosen capital Bad Tölz with the unique BMW Vision Concept, how the Mille Miglia can be a honeymoon that ends with a panino and Mika Häkkinen in a gas station, how Chris Bangle is doing nowadays, and so much more.
Each cover is unique, because it is hand-coloured with the authentic paint of a special or even singular car. Readers can choose between the blue of the BMW Vision Concept, the red of the Renault DeZir Concept, the yellow of a Bentley GTC Supersports, the silver of the Touring Superleggera Tornante, the orange of a McLaren MP4 12C, the greenish grey of an Aston Martin, or the orange of a Lamborghini Aventador. The last page shows a picture of the actual car that donated its colour.
A short film about an opera singer imitating a screaming V12 engine is enclosed in the book as DVD.
At the Frankfurt Book Fair, WAFT2 was awarded second place in the reputed ADAC car book prize.
WAFT2 is a numbered and limited edition of 1.000 copies. It is written in English by Bart Lenaerts, pictures are by Lies de Mol, and the artwork was created by Paul Popelier. The book measures 29 x 29 centimetres and has 256 pages.


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Text und Fotos: WAFT