Turin’s Automotive Architecture: Bertone Grugliasco & Pininfarina Grugliasco

Die beiden ehrwürdigen Autofabriken der beiden traditionsreichsten Turiner Carrozzieri Bertone und Pininfarina in Grugliasco gibt es so nicht mehr. Simon hat für uns ein paar letzte Eindrücke der heiligen Hallen mit den großen Namen zusammengestellt …

Bertone: 1957 saw an expanding company struggling with greatly increasing production volumes. Construction work began in Grugliasco on the outskirts of Turin for a new plant which opened in 1959 with a workforce exceeding 500. By 1970 Bertone had a workforce of 1500 and the Grugliasco factory covered an area of 267,000 sq.m. Some of the last models made at the factory were the Fiat Punto Cabrio, Opel Astra Coupè and Astra Cabrio. In 2009, the Grugliasco plant with its manufacturing activities was taken over by the FIAT group and is destined to return to the production of automobiles under the name “Officine Automobilistiche Grugliasco”.

Pininfarina: Construction of the Pininfarina Grugliasco complex started in 1956, to be completed two years later. The ‘Centro Studi e Ricerche’ was inaugurated in the same complex in 1966. In 2009 part of the Grugliasco site was taken over by the local authorities and is destined to begin production of the re-born De Tomaso brand in the near future. Pininfarina still owns and operates the advanced aerodynamics and aero-acoustics research centre which was inaugurated in Grugliasco in 1972.

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Text und Photos: Simon Grand