Turin’s Automotive Architecture: Grattacielo Lancia

Der Grattacielo Lancia ist eines der höchsten Gebäude Turins. Bis 1969 war er Hauptsitz des italienischen Autoherstellers Lancia.

The 70 metre tall, Lancia ‘Skyscraper’ was built in Turin’s San Paolo district in 1964. The main offices of Lancia were housed within and surrounded by the company’s warehouses and production facilities. The building is now in private hands and is used as offices and apartments. Until recently, the building proudly displayed its impressive ‘LANCIA’ lettering on the roof top.

The building with the green and yellow façade was, until recently, found on the opposite side of the ex-Lancia complex on Via Monginevro. The building was demolished in 2010 to make way for new real estate developments.

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Text und Bilder: Simon Grand


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